Dedicated IBAN

Blackthorn offers EUR, USD , GBP and Multi currency dedicated IBANs for our Corporate and SME clients in their company name. Send and receive payments seamlessly, request additional IBANS, and confirm your transactions instantly with our robust back-office solution.

Multi Currencies IBANs

Our multi-currency solution allows corporate clients to operate globally in 25 currencies using a single dedicated IBAN. Receive and send payments in AUD, CNY and many more, without the need for multiple IBANs with settlements available in USD, GBP or EUR.

Exchange over 25 Currencies

Never worry about expensive or ambiguous foreign exchange rates and conversions with Blackthorn. Exchange over 25 Currencies in real-time with competitive and transparent rates, either online or with your Blackthorn App. Review, confirm and transact your FX needs seamlessly with Blackthorn.

Payment Networks

Blackthorn provides Payment Options to customers including access to all UK and European Payment Rails such as BACS UK Direct Debit ( Credit and Debits); CHAPS High-Value Bank to Bank Payment Transfer; Swift International Cross Border Payments; Faster Payments Low-Value Instant UK Bank to Bank Transfer, SEPA Europe, European Payments Debit and Credit. 

Local Payments

Blackthorn Local Payments allows corporations to wire money internationally with lower FX rates and transact locally in over 190 countries. Send money from your Blackthorn account the way its convenient for you and your customers, instantly, worldwide.

Trusted by businesses of all sizes. Worldwide.

  • Highly competitive FX Fees

    Save money using Blackthorn for your FX requirements with transparent and low cost fx fees.

  • Transact locally on a global scale

    Benefits from our wide range of local payment networks. Transact in over 200+ countries.

  • Save time with bulk payments

    Save time making bulk payments via CSV, so you can spend time doing what you do best.

  • Manage your finances whilst on the go

    Manage your payments offline and online with our virtual and physical cards options.

  • With you every step of the way

    A dedicated account manager will be assigned to you, so that we will always be a call away.